Jan. 6th, 2013 09:05 pm
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I am going to start posting over here as the other place (Livejournal) is starting to not even allow me in at times.

I will be looking for instructions on how to import my content from LJ soon and get everything set up here.

Seems cozy. Just have to put out the pillows, fluff the cushions, and give it a bit of an air out.
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This was my comment to a post on Facebook asking "Are there any good arguements for Christianity?"  I felt what I wrote sums up my beliefs pretty fully -- both as to how I believe and my thoughts on trying to argue others into believing as I do.

Belief in religion is an emotional thing. Logic does not necessarily enter into the equation. Belief in religion is also intensely personal. That is why you would never see me "evangelising" anyone. I know it gives me comfort, it is intensely interesting to me, and it provides me with a sense of community and peace.

I am probably the world's worst Christian because I recognize that others believe differently and are just as comforted by their belief as I am with mine. I also know, for a fact, that there are folks that are just as comfortable with no organized (or even unorganized) religion in their life.

I also recognize, in my understanding of Christianity, that I am bound to respect their belief (or non-belief) as I ask them to respect mine.

The only thing I can control is my own behaviour, to live a life constantly striving to live up to the belief system I follow. If someone finds that interesting and asks, sure, I'd talk with them about it. Otherwise, I really don't see the idea of trying to argue people into belief as an exercise I want to get into.
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Obviously (to anyone who has met my husband and me), I have no problem with them.  There is a 10 - 11 year difference (depending on the time of the year) between my husband and me and we seem to be doing just fine.
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Hopefully I would have hired *SMART* minions...however, how smart would they be if they were following me?!?!?

If they were really really smart and I picked my minions well, I would have them go out and help people who are homeless build or find shelter, feed people with no food (including help build gardens to grow the necessary  foods), learn how to help people who are hurt and then go out and do that work.  If they are REALLY smart and I have enough money, find ways to get funds to get them through good schools and then set them loose on the world's problems (for example, the big gacking gob of goo in the Gulf right now...).

Guess I'm not despicable enough.... :)
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Flibbity Jibbit

The Junket Rennet Custard Company put out these books sometime around when my mom was a child.  One of my mom's fonder childhood memories was having this read to her by everyone from her mom to her babysitters to whoever she could cajole into reading it to her.

I was very happy to find it online, though I have my mom's copy of the book safe and sound in my bedside cabinet.
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I'm here.  I will post more as able...including why I killed my other account and moved to this one. :)


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